I like these Scottish-style oats, though I just buy them locally at Ingle's or WF. I've always hated oatmeal but made myself try something different than the regular old Quaker rolled oats or instant oats, and I actually like them. Instant oats, especially, just remind of wallpaper paste

These're very good toasted (or not) and slow-cooked on stove, but not enough better that I usually bother - I'm always running late. I don't remember how the box actually says to cook them, but I put about a cup in a large cereal bowl with just water and salt and cook at 70% in the microwave for about 5 minutes - this usually keeps them from cooking over, but I still put a plate or at least paper towel under the bowl just in case. They're still quite chewy, but that's what I like about them.

I always add a little stevia or honey, a good dash of cinnamon, and another slight dash of salt. If I have it and am in the mood, I might add a smidge of butter and/or milk or almond milk, a few nuts, maybe some chopped apple - whatever I have on hand and strikes my fancy. By the time I do that, they've thickened a bit and are creamy yet chewy. I sometimes have them like this for dessert in the evening to keep me from getting into something far worse.

Also eat them raw sometimes as meusli.

Highly recommend! I've tried a couple brands of Irish oats, but I like these better. Haven't tried steel-cut oats per se, I don't think, though I don't know that these aren't, LOL!
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