i am not familiar with the products you use, but it sounds like you need to switch it up.
you can use a low poo, they do not have sulfates, only mild surfactants that clean without stripping your hair. i low poo maybe once every 5 days, co wash the other days.
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Yes, I was thinking I might need to run to the store and get some different conditioner. Just so bummed that a "clarifying conditioner" is leaving my hair so limp, heavy, and sticky!
I was really hoping to give cowashing a real try, so I am going to try to not give up and buy a low poo for now.

Any other ideas what it could be? I guess since I am only really using 3 things, and only 1 thing at my roots (the VO5) it has to be that, huh?
I am a newbie. I think I am a 2b. I have been blowdrying and straightening my hair for the last 15 years. Trying to embrace the REAL ME.