I have an overbearing co-worker that annoys me to no end. She is the oldest of all us employees so somehow she seems to think she is in charge and loves telling everyone (even my boss) what to do as if she is the official person who knows all. She also loves to walk around the office acting like she is doing something when really she is doing nothing while things that need to be addressed get put to the side. In addition to her work/not work she gets a million personal calls a day from her husband and adult daughter who lives with her as if the whole world will fall down if she isn't at home (she has a cellphone so I can't understand the need to call the office). She seems to be one of those people who only feels valued when she is needed and will even go to great lengths to make up something to make herself important. On top of everything she is loud and obnoxious either when she is upset or happy (even worse happy actually). I have worked at the office on and off for ten years (she for only five) and know how to keep myself occupied, so when she gives me busy work or tells me what to do, I see red. Her behavior really wears on me and I anticipate one day snapping on her.

My boss can be a nice guy but is passive aggressive and inconsistent with his rules. It all depends on his mood.
There is never any incentive to improve or do well nor is there any punishment for slacking off. He holds no value for his employees and doesn't care if we stay or leave. And he never offers a raise and pays us as little as possible (I get paid at least 5 dollars less than other people in my field with my experience) while his wife and kids have every luxury imaginable. He also kind of crosses the line between friend and boss. His jokes and comments are inappropriate at times (his latest "joke" is that I favor the AA male patients).

Despite my employees (except one) and my boss I love my job. So that and a crappy paycheck are the only things holding me there until I enter nursing school.
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