Hi all, I'm new to CG (about 3 weeks), and JUST when I thought I had this thing down, I have terrible hair today.

I've bought a ton of new products and have had success with diffusing using a lot of different things, but today I did:

and diffused as usual, but got terrible, crazy frizz, like all over, no curls, just frizz- everywhere!

I've used KCCC successfully before, and always use CK with anything I use, but hate the crunch of KCCC, so I thought I would try to diffuse instead of air dry.

I am thinking this product doesn't like any activity in the hair once applied, until it's totally dry.

However, it could also be that I did a PT a couple nights ago, and I'm just seeing the poor results of that now. I don't think my hair needed it, as it certainly didn't feel any softer after I did it. I followed with a DT.


Waiting patiently for my Curly Kinks order to arrive this week! I'm hoping to find more products that don't require me to SOTC. I don't like the "wet" look.
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Hmmmm, I've been using the same exact routine, leave-in, CK and then KCCC and I always diffuse with no problems.

Not sure why you got frizz? Maybe too hot or you moved your hair around too much?

BTW, I don't get much crunch with KCCC, but what little I do, I just scrunch out when my hair is all the way dry.

My other favorite with CK is AG Re:coil.
3B, with some 3C

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