Hello! I have 3B curls, and sometimes, they look really great, are soft, perfect formation, and all that. But then they're times, where it just looks like ****! I don't know if my hair is unhealthy, but i think it is! It is super frizzy, and when i (very rarely) comb it out while it's dry, its a POOFY MESS. I take a shower, use a wide tooth comb, use moisture shampoo + balsam, use a hair gel, and a leave in conditioner, and sometimes a mousse. My curls gets so stiff and they "curly part" of my hair goes further down, so the curly part starts at the middle of my hair. When i were little i never used ANY products, and my hair looked beautiful. But then i got my eyes opened for the wonderful "Hair product world" and i used a bit of that, in the start it looked even better! So i kept doing that. But then it began to look badder and badder! I began combing the products in my hair, but that would result in some VERY stiff and EW hair, or a TOTALLY poofy mess. I dont even know what to do any more?? It's so rarely that i have a good hairday. Can you recommend any products for my hairtype, that will make it non-frizzy, non-stiff, non-greasy and give me wonderfully soft curls? I like when my curls are shaped like ringlets the best. BTW. I NEVER straighten or curl my hair, i do it maybe 1 or 2 every year.