CK is Curl Keeper, but I ordered all the Curly Kinks stuff too from CM, but am waiting their arrival!

Upon more research, I think the PT I did messed with my hair. Hmmm.....maybe I just need to put more moisture in there. I haven't layered the CK with the KCCC before, this was a first, so I will also try them again separately.

Thanks for the suggestions all!
2C/ Coarse/ Normal porosity/ SW Florida/ Salt & Pepper
Cleanse: AIA cowash, TJ Tea Tree Condish
Condish: JC Too Shea, Tresemme Botanique
Stylers: flax/okra gel or KCCC + CJ PP or JC Spiralicious
Experimenting with Got2B Ultra gel and loving it so far!