Sandhya has had an MRI. She was sedated using propyphol and had no issues with it. Woke up calm after the procedure. She's had 4 procedures under propyphol so far (ear tubes, 2 dental procedures and the MRI) and the hardest thing for her is the no food from midnight onwards lol.

Now the MRI.... it didn't show anything. I've never known anyone to have something revealed bt MRI.

Sandhya has a chromosomal abnormality and cognitive delays which puts her at higher risk for seizures so the neurologist suggested we do it. I was resistant to the idea because she's never had seizures and it didn't sound like there was anything they could find that would be treatable. I wasn't really interested in a scan being done for academic purposes. That said, when our turn came up I found I couldn't bring myself to decline it. I'm still kinda kicking myself about that.