Fiance wants to go to Qdoba tonight. Sigh.
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You may have had dinner already, but I went to Qdoba for lunch last week and had the child-size naked burrito. Basically a burrito without the tortilla. I order it with chicken, veggies, beans, cheese, and guac. When I've ordered it in the past, I've ordered it without the rice, but this time I was bad--she put rice in the bowl before I could tell her not to, and I didn't have the willpower to tell her to take it out.

The way portion sizes are now, the child size is perfectly fine for an adult.

I want to join this challenge! But I need to think about what my goals will be. I fell off the fitness/diet wagon so hard during the holidays, and I've gotten back on with the fitness in the past week or two. The diet part is still a disaster. I think my goals will be: 1) lose 10-15 pounds; 2) work on toning the abs, which I guess is more of a diet thing than an exercise thing; 3) cut down on sugar/try to satisfy my sweet tooth with fruit.
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