I have this problem with Suave and V05 conditioners. I have tried multiple from each brand. I blamed co-washing in general and for the past two weeks have been doing low-poo every three days or so and just water washing in between. However, I still get the sticky roots feeling after two days without low-pooing (which is about the amount of time it would take if I was co-washing). So now I'm starting to suspect it's my head's fault and not my cleansing? Or maybe another product?

Okay, long story short: you are not alone in this problem. And please post an update if you find something that works for you, I'll be interested in trying it out myself!
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+1 for low poos

I get the sticky roots with excessive co washing. I have to low poo once a week. I use Deva NoPoo as my cowash and Kinky Curly Come Clean as my low poo

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