Using Matrix Biolage Smootherapie as a rinse out- my hair felt like a dream and tangles were a distant memory

AussieMoist 3 minute- my new HG detangler. Nothing is like it. Nothing.

New discovery:

Honey and my hair do not mix, not when used on it's own or in a product (unless it is the herbal essences honey I'm strong since there is probably barely any honey in there). It is too sticky for my hair. My beloved Curl Junkie Deep Fix will not be a repurchase because of this. The honey clumps my curls, but after they get clumped the hair in them gets interwoven so that it is time consuming to untangle later. I am going to miss it, it smelled and felt so good...

Curl Junkie leave ins are still my boo though; no honey in those. I guess this means I wont ever try Qhemet Biologics Olive Honey Hydrating Balm.

Well at least I found a replacement deep conditioner- Matrix Biolage is the truth!


You never stop learning...

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