My daughter has waist length 3b curls. We've done well w/Deva Curl (no-poo, one condition, and angel) for the past year with Coconut oil the night before the wash for a deep condition. We've had two difficulties: constant fight of dryness, and now we are getting sticky hair too. We do use One condition w/water as an "in between shampoos" detangler.
We've also tried Texture My Way, not enough slip in the conditioner. And, Curl Keeper, had to use too much to keep the curls (nearly 1/2 a small bottle). We wash once a week.
Suggestions please. I'm open to products, silicone and sulfate free please, or homemade. Low poo, co poo, or no poo...we're open.
I'm looking for cleaning, conditioning, detangling, and curl keeping.
Thank you.