I think I have about the same hair type as you and have found soft, shiny, somewhat bouncy hair! The tricks for me have been to alternate products, put products in soaking wet hair, and dry under my good drier (or air dry) first, then diffuse. Products below! Best of luck to you
Hair that freely borrows from 3a/ 3b texture schools. These are the things I use to care for it:
  • Apple Cider Vinegar rinses weekly
  • shampoos occasionally that do not contain sulfates
  • conditioners without silicones or proteins (or so I think- Keratin seems to do ok)
  • Flour sack towel
And I dont even know what else right now...thinking I may need to drop gels altogether...

Currently have Shea Moisture and DevaCurl products that I may just need to give up on and cut as a loss...