My last relaxer was July 15, 2012. I have enough growth to be able to figure out what my texture is, but I can't tell. I know I have two different textures, as the back is tighter than the rest of my head, but I don't know what "category" either of my texures fall into. Am I 3c? 4a? 4b? I figured an outside opinion was best. The attached are pic's of hair with shampoo in it. (no, that's not grey hair! lol) The pics looks pretty small on the post....I'm not sure if you can click on the pictures individually or not to get a good view of them or not.....(I hope so). Anyway, Anyone willing to give your opionion/advise. It is more than welcome. I will be a seriously long time transitioner, as at present my hair is almost at waist length, and I don't want to BC. Thanks! )
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To Serius, did you take the quiz on the home page? That should help you to know what your hair type is. If I"m not mistaken, I read, from another website, the best way to see what your hair type is, you may want to start out with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Before using other products for styling, moisturizing, etc, let it dry first, then look at it closely. While doing so, take the quiz that is located on this website and that will help you determine what your hair type is. Looking at the pictures you attached, so far it appears that you may by a type 3C or possible a 4A.