I've had this happen to me - my hair is not as long as yours (near MBL) but long enough that it can get caught in the back of the dryer. I realized that it was not the section I was diffusing but hair next to it that was hanging down and getting caught. So now when I diffuse, I try to keep the back of the dryer away from my head - this means I don't diffuse upside down as much, but more just tip my head to the side so that the rest of my hair isn't hanging down over the dryer.
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Thanks Jsuzkelley.. Yes that is exactly what's happening. Its the dangling hair that is always getting pulled into the back of the dryer. I was hoping there ws some sort of gadget out there to stop the hairs from getting caught.
I'll just have to be more careful from now on and make sure there are no loose hairs dangling around the back of the dryer anymore. Thanks for both of your responses!!