I absolutely love my job and I have a great boss who does not bother me unless he needs me for something. I work for a huge company...thousands of employees...and my department alone has about 100 people on our floor.
Anyway, my biggest issue, and maybe my ONLY issue is my coworker who will not stop talking...all.day.long. I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to address it and how to tell her that I can't have her talking to me so much. I have so much work to do and I see that she does not, but that doesn't make it ok for her to stand over here and talk, talk, talk everytime she thinks of something to say. And, she thinks of way too many things to say, IMO.
She has been here 23 years ..Ive been here 9. I think she feels that this entitles her to do what she wants even if that means doing nothing but gossiping all day. And it would be easy to say "Just tell her to shut up!" but I like her as a person, I dont want to offend her and have her upset at me. I still have to work with her every day and she sits in the cubicle in front of me so I can't avoid her.
This is usually how it goes evey single day:
I walk in and sit down and start to set up my computer and so on...she immediately rushes over and starts with something like "Omg, I have to tell you what happened with my son last night, he is out of control!". So Ill say something like "Oh, is he?" and because I deal with this soo much, I usually sound completely uninterested. But she will proceed to tell me the entire story. Then that story will lead to another story and another. And If I don't comment she will say "Im serious! Can you believe that? I am so serious!!"
I have already talked to my boss about this...and he has walked by many times and sees her just standing here talking and talking to me and he will just smile. When I talked to him about it his response was "Well, I dont know what I can possibly say to her. Alot of people socialize here and If I say something to her, she is going to make a big deal about why Im singling her out." Then he said he could talk to her and tell her I talked to him about it cause it bothers me! So he doesn't look like the bad guy!
I just feel so frustrated and I don't like hearing every detail of her life...or any of the gossip she spreads about people in the office. THAT really irritates me! I dont care about who she thinks is sleeping with who or why she thinks someone was fired or coming to ask me to find out why so and so isn't at work today...I mean, why does she need to know all of this? and why does she need to spread it to everyone else? Get some work done!

Rant over. For now. Thank you.
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^^^I had a friend just like that. They offered her a 2-year buyout and she retired early. We're still friends but now I can choose when we talk (ie, on the phone).