I'm seeing a theme here of mostly high porosity curls liking mineral oil...are there any low porosity curlies who can share their experience with this oil?

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I have fine to medium hair that might (MIGHT, MIGHT, MIGHT) be bra-strap-length. I'm way too lazy to actually style my hair (the reason I don't know my exact length) and all my hair products are at my place and I'm stuck at my parents place because I'm not supposed to drive because of a seizure (another story entirely). Anywho...I just bought some hair products so I can start wearing my hair curly again (YESSSSSS...). BUT the whole time I haven't been styling my hair, I have been putting argan and food grade mineral oil in my hair. Couple drops (5-ish each?) and it works wonderfully. My hair has never grown beyond like an inch past my shoulders...so something must be working!

Keep in mind I'm not CG, though. I wash my hair 1-2 times per week. And hair products can have whatever they want in it as long as they work. But the oil helps keep products that would normally be drying from drying out my hair. It's fabulous. Love it to death. And it gets better the longer I go without washing!