I co-washed for the first time this past weekend. I initially considered getting a cheap conditioner because I knew I would be using a lot. My concern was the ingredients in the cheap conditioners (alcohol and cones). I ended up going to Whole Foods and buying two of the most natural conditioner I could find. Since it was too thick, I mixed it with distilled water (half/half). So what do you CG's think? Are you comfortable with the bad stuff to avoid the poo?
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I'm definitely not. I absolutely love the Tresemme Naturals conditioner for cowashing, but I hate the ingredients. I've tried quite a few organic and/or natural conditioners and nothing has compared. They're excellent rinse outs or DC's, but they don't get the job done cowash wise (sensitive, oily scalp).

I'm currently trying the As I Am Coconut CoWash and I really like it. That may be the closest I get to a "natural" cowash. Unless of course I decide to go the juices and berries way...
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I just remembered that Shea Moisture came out with a cowash conditioner. Maybe that's the answer for those who want a natural alternative.

Sadly, I can't use it because my hair hates the coconut and hibiscus line.