I just saw this thread! Oh I am so happy that the mole is okay and that you are alright!!!

Be sure to set and keep that annual appointment every year to get looked at. My derm has me take pictures of moles that I am concerned about as well as as ones I'm not. You take a simple ruler and hold it next to the mole (it doesn't have to line up to measure it exactly even!) and take its photo. Then save the photo along with important info like date and location. So I have file names like "below collar bone 1-20-12". Then I can take another photo in a month, 6 months, etc., to compare and if I see any change, go see him sooner than once a year. So far, everything has been okay totally or one that was precancerous that I had frozen off yearly for 4 years and then it never came back. I have a scar there and I have to watch it too. And take its photo.

Again, I am so glad you are ok!!!