SCG at my job it seems like as soon as I leave town or take days off, everyone at my job is "sick" or can't come in.

Like really, when I'm here no one bothers me but if they even get a whiff of my leaving. AAAAAH HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

I can't wait to see all the phone messages from my boss when I take off for graduation and people need shifts covered.

HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH I wouldn't be surprised if I went to work on my graduation day.
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Ahahahaha I hate people.

I don't think there's been one day since I started that SOMEONE hasn't called off. Not necessarily in Starbucks... But since we work for Target, if anyone calls off, it leads to everyone being shifted around, and at some point someone gets taken away from Starbucks. YEAH, BECAUSE YOU REALLY NEED ANOTHER CASHIER AT THE LANES WHEN THERE ARE ONLY TWO OF US WORKING AT STARBUCKS!

It's either that, or someone will call off (usually while I'm working) and they'll be like "Sorry, it's not in the budget to have anyone come in cover call-offs today." (Which logically makes absolutely no sense. Unless they plan for people to call out and don't factor it into payroll.) So they don't even call anyone to see if they can come in. They just let me languish by myself on a Saturday afternoon with angry customers because THERE'S ONLY ONE PERSON WORKING ON A SATURDAY.

I've made a huge mistake. I have to go into work at 5 tonight, and I'm already angry.

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And it will steal your innocence
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