Hootenanny - I haven't tried the Yes to Carrots yet, I was just wondering if I should try it...and it's looking like no, I shouldn't. However, I can't believe companies don't necessarily disclose all of their ingredients. That is so dishonest! Glad I'm learning that listed ingredients can vary so much. Thanks for letting me know about that!

Lucy - my hair always has been likely to tangle but it's a more matted feeling now. Not lots of separate tangles, but all one big clump that felt like a Brillo pad! I think you are definitely on to something as far as the density and length playing a part. And the coarse texture of my hair is also probably involved in this hair crime. I have a filtered shower head on my list too, just in case it's my water. I'm gonna need to win the lottery soon ova' here! But I'm gonna simmer down and try switching products first and getting more moisture in like everybody recommends. I just got a "shipment" of stuff that came in today and I've never been more excited to shower!

Trust me, NOTHING is obvious to me right now! I've never tried washing in sections. I have SO much hair though, that is probably not a bad idea, even though it might take forever. It's very hard to get cleansing/conditioning products "through" my hair to actually reach my scalp. I've been putting a handful of co wash at the crown of my head, another at the nape and sides, and then parting my hair like curtains and putting another handful at the back/middle. Ugg.

Thank you for taking so much time to help me!! I am loving the support of this forum and the nice people like you! I am putting the DE coconut on my list, for sure.

Redbre - your post nearly has me in tears of gratitude! I remember when I was just lurking around and would come across these dramatic posts. I'd think, 'jeez, get a grip and stop being so dramatic!' Lol. But it is that frustrating! It's so nice to be understood and get validation from another low porosity coarse curly. I actually kept being accused of getting my hair properties wrong and that had me second guessing myself for a minute.

Most girls have fine hair and are able to use products that coarse heads can't.
...Oh. Em. Gee! This is a total 'a-ha!' moment for me. I already knew no one I know irl has hair like this but I didn't think that our type would still be so uncommon here. I've been bopping around not finding many who seemed to have this hard of a time and have been getting lots of advice from fine haired girls and/or those with less density (which I still totally appreciate!) but I just keep getting lots of conflicting info. Mainly when it comes to product recs. I get that what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another but narrowing it down surely has to help. I've literally tried about a dozen things so far already, and have purchased about a dozen more that I haven't yet tried. It's nuts. I'm nuts! But I am also very determined to give this CG thing an honest go. I have been trying to read sigs but a lot of folks don't have their properties added in. Others do but are not a match. I am working on the patience bit of it but it ain't easy.

You're cracking me up about terrible memories of your mom using Suave & Vo5. I JUST got Tresemme Naturals and As I Am in the mail today! Were you the one who told me about them before? Everything is one big blur. Anyway, I feel completely reassured in my purchase, so thank you. I should be co washing my hair RIGHT NOW instead of being online!

Coconut oil & aloe - I've tried a straight coconut oil pre-wash treatment. But that was before CG. I don't know if that matters. I don't think most of the products I've been trying since has had it in them (except for the Suave Coconut but that has protein too I think). I don't know anything anymore, I'm seeing stars and not the good kind.

It would be really nice if I found I could use aloe...it's in everything, especially the more natural products which I'd prefer to use. Thanks for telling me you can. I had tried a natural hair care sample pack from Healing-scents... and my hair said, "wth!!" But that was also while using the Vo5 then Suave and it had a mix of stuff in it so it could've been another ingredient...sigh. I just assumed it was the aloe because of the protein factor. So complicated. That's why I just cut out EVERYTHING. I have no leave-in or styling products in at the moment and I will use the same RO as co wash in the shower next time and forego product (for the time being) just so I know for sure how each product is working. Maybe this is a bad plan, and I should drown it with stuff though, I don't know. I put Desert Essence Coconut conditioner on my list to try!!

Thanks so much for the empathy and nice message and calming me down a little. Sorry for getting so long winded. Gonna go co wash my hair now!

Sorry for that little melt down everybody! It helps to think "out loud" and you've all been so wonderful to me. Thank you!!
CG since 3/1/13
3B; Low porosity, Coarse, & Extremely Protein Sensitive
Very high density, waist length

Co wash: Suave Clarifying or Sun Ripened Strawberry
RO: Sun Ripened Strawberry, TN, or TN w/ veg glycerin
Sealer: apricot oil
Styler: 4 Naturals Spring Back Custard, Pantene Curl Defining Mousse, or BB "Mudd"
Using a hard water filter, microfiber towel, & silk head scarves & pillowcases

Avoiding: protein, coconut, & parabens