I bought some of this at Sally's earlier this week to try. My first impression was "Wow! that is a thick gel and kind of sticky feeling." I was doubtful that it would work and was upset because I really wanted too results. But, The two times I have applied it over my LI (Yes to Carrots) and FSG, I was impressed. Almost no frizz, good curl formation and hold! I think the trick is to apply it to soaking wet hair.
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I actually asked about this myself! I only got one reply but oh well. I am loving it and it will last me ages. The trick is to use it over somwthing moisturizing like you said. You don't need much and you want to use it on dripping wet hair. Today I usually use tresemme naturals underneath for my LI but today I used shape shifter (a moisturizing curl creme). Then I put it over top-you only need a small blob if you want your curls softer. You can also just do it the traditional way and break the gel cast. I am loving it though and it seems like it will last ne forever too.

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I looked at the eco gel at sally's. the container was huge and it was cheap. seemed almost too good to be true. I decided not to buy such a large container and maybe check it out later.
One of my reservations was the comments on here about how sticky and thick it is.
I'm 3a and if you have had good results with this, maybe I'll check it out.
For now, I'm stocked up on Garnier Pure Clean gel - not as cheap as eco but still FAR less expensive than Deva gel.