I have very fine, very dense hair that has the 3A top/2C underneath look right now (hoping to fix that with a pro curly hair cut next weekend). I seem to have low elasticity, or at least my curls are VERY easily disrupted/loosened. Combing them, running my fingers through them, sleeping on them for sure, wearing a ponytail, etc. all stretches my curls way out. Forget it if my hair is wet! I've confused countless hairdressers by arriving with curly hair, then having straight hair once they wash/comb it (hence going for a dry cut this time).

I'm wondering if a protein treatment would help this. From what I've read in other posts, it has helped others, but I'm concerned that my low-porosity hair will react badly. My hair is super-squeaky doing the rub test, floats forever, and in the past has been super-resilient with dyes and heat treatments, etc. It takes dye, but has never looked unhealthy from it, even when I bleached it two days in a row! Yikes, I know. I no longer dye my hair and use only low heat (Pixiecurl) to dry it when needed.

How do I know what PT to use, what type of protein my hair will like, etc.? Or is it just trial and error? It responded very well to an amino acid shampoo I use to use, it loves coconut oil (not a protein) and hates shea butter and olive oil. I put egg yolks on it once and it seemed kinda odd afterwards, so I'm worried I might be protein sensitive and thus ruin my hair with a PT.
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Hair: curlybob, fine, dense, low-po, big waves/ringlets (2C/3A)
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