We would drink, But growing up never celebrated it like most american's My grandfather was hard core Irish(first in his family to be born in america, so he felt when non-irish would "pretend to be irish" and proceeded to get drunk, they were disrepecting our heritage. So out of respect for poppop. we would eat our cornbeef and cabbage (no one was eating lamb so no irish stew), drink a few drinks and eat irish soda bread and stayed home.

once poppop passed, we said the hell with that!! we would get so wasted we would forget what clan we were part of! one year, the day after st. patty's day I woke up in my closet!!

but this year it falls on sunday. so i'm just making us irish soda bread, toffee pudding with baileys cream and irish pasties.

oh well, i celebrate being irish everyday. and i'm not catholic so st. patricks is nothing special to me.