Diet: My diet is decent, not horrible but not great. I get my share of veggies and I try not to eat to much crap. Well, seeing as how I am allergic to snack food and almost everything else, I have to watch my diet. I think I should start juicing again

Exercise: What's that? No, seriously. I know I need to exercise more. I am working on options in that area,

Stress: Yes. My mom passed away (Oct). My dad is in jail. (which has made me head of a crazy family). I'm running a home business (or two) and working full time (with jerks). i have a house to take care ( I need a new roof, fridge, some other stuff). my relationship is a little bumpy right now.

Other issues: No swelling.No tenderness. Most of my other issues where either a sinus infection or allergies which I think I have under control now.

No snoring, unless I have a cold

Ok, so I'm do add exercise and multivitamin and see if that helps.