I'm not trying to lose anymore weight but I am trying to continue to eat better, and drink more water. I workout 5 days a week and I do intense cardio and some circuit training. I try to eat about 1200-1400 calories per day and I find that it forces me to get the most nutrition out of my meals and really make them count. I just try to make healthier choices whenever I can. On weekends we may have events to attend both personal and business related but I still try to eat healthy when I'm not at home. That being said I don't deprive myself, if I do want a piece of cake or something every once in a while I have it.

I like cooking my own meals because I know exactly what is going into them.We travel a lot so I have to maintain my weight because every few months could be bikini season so it isn't necessarily a summer thing. Not only that but I just want to look great and feel healthy all the time.
I find that maintaining my weight and eating healthy is easy at home but when I'm away on vacation it is much harder, eating all meals out is a challenge! So sometimes I work out at the gym wherever I am.

Sometimes it's all the small changes that make a big difference.
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How are you feeling only eating 1400 cals a day doing intense cardio arent u starving? Or do you not get that hungry?