Never heard of them, thanks for pointing them out. Always fun to explore new products.
I have looked at the gel, it has witch hazel as the second ( I think) ingredient and I have read somewhere that as an astringent it can dry hair out?
Hope someone chimes in that has used those products.
2c/3a cg 01/10/13

Hair Properties: low( first 4 inches) / high porosity, medium density, fine/medium texture Climate : hot humid summer, coastal GA

Co-wash: Suave Naturals Coconut / Everlasting Sunshine, V05
Rinse out :Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture, VO5 ocean refresh
Gel: La Looks sport, Volumax mega gel,Biosilk Rock Hard gel my HG

Love ACV , pedaheh's gelatin treatment
My hair hates everything Deva curl and Curl Keeper,