Ya know, I always thought I liked camping because we went a lot when I was a kid and I loved it, but I've come to realize it's probably not my thing. I require running water, real toilets, and if it's 2 or more nights I'm going to need a shower. By the time you have all that, is it really even camping?

DH, BIL, and SIL have been trying to get me to go backpacking with them. NOT going to happen. Middle of no where, wild animals, no bathrooms of any kind. How is that fun? What if there's an emergency and you're a 5 mile (or more) hike from any other humans?
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Ditto pretty much all of that. Mr. Spring even picked out a tent that had a high middle canopy so I could sort of stand up if I wanted to just so I'd be comfortable, but we never used it in the 6+ years we've had it. Craig's List to the rescue and now someone has a super nice tent and I hope they actually use it.

Mr. Spring will do that backpacking thing and doesn't even use a tent, just has this tarp type thing you rig up with rope and a tree that he sleeps under. Him, his mom and her honey went on a backpacking hike on part of the Appalachian Trail and you want to know what part I played in that? I dropped them off and came back several days later at our designated meeting place and picked them back up.
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Haha, we are more alike than I knew! I told them I'd do a few hours of hiking with them, but I'd be spending the night in a nice cozy bed. I don't need to spend the night in the wilderness to appreciate it. I can see all I want with a nice day hike.
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I'm right there with you. I love hiking so much it's crazy, it's to the point that nobody wants to go with me because they know I'll drag them along the hardest trails for hours LOL but camping? No. I like to follow a long hike with a refreshing shower and my own cozy bed.

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