I cracked up at 3lbs. 3. Lol. I have more than that in water retention.

One of my boobs weighs more than 3lbs.

Sorry. Good luck. One day of water and salad and you should be good to go

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I know what you mean. I'll take what I can get.

5 lbs isn't a difference (for me, I fluctuate that in a day). I'm assuming the 5 lbers are below average height, because someone shorter losing 5lbs, I'd have to lose 10 lbs for it to be equivalent, maybe even 15. My one friend is 5'2 and lost 10 lbs once, very noticeable, I'd have to lose 20 lbs for it to be noticeable.

which is why I'm in this predicament in the first place, I still fit the same pants the same weigh(get it?? way...) I did 20 lbs ago. It makes no sense. NONE.

The body is magic.
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Its funny u say that because ive been wearing a size 7/9 since 7th grade and im 21, obviously my weight has changed drastically since then but I manage to wear the same size... But i can tell u some of my jeans that arent stretch, no bueno lol