Re: where to find. It's mostly sold in salons, I think. I've also seen it on amazon but I saw a thread a while ago where people were complaining it was a knock off of some sort. I don't know if that's true or not but my salon carries it so I buy it there.

As for the curl creme, I've not tried it because the reviews for it make it sound like something that won't work for me. Also, many of the Moroccan Oil products have lots of 'cones. I know the oil for sure is mostly silicone and I kind of think the curl creme might too. I know the styling creme (not the same as the curling creme) has 'cones, which is unfortunate because my stylist sold me a huge bottle right before I went CG. I liked it, used sparingly. No 'cones in the volume shampoo or mousse and I really like both of those. That's my 2 cents - hope it helps!

PS - AKgirl, how did the new 'do turn out? I had my color touched up today and it's way more red. Not sure about this at all.
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