My day off yesterday was glorious. Today I ran 3.9 miles in 35 minutes and swam 3,800 yards. I don't usually weigh myself but I am feeling good. I think my love handles = 5lbs so that's why 5lbs is my goal!

As far as food ... I am sticking to my goal of not eating junk. I'm not really watching portion sizes too much at this point. For example, for breakfast today I had a huge veggie omelet with two slices of whole grain toast spread with avocado, and a latte, and a bowl of fruit and yogurt. Then I had a smoothie and some pretzels for lunch and after my workouts, I chugged a small chocolate milk, had some Triscuits and hummus, and a KozyShack rice pudding. Then dinner will be a venison roast, potatoes, broccoli, beers, gin and tonics, and dessert. I don't even want to know how many calories that all might be!