Just based on what you've described, I'm going to say that your hair is definitely not coarse. Texture (width) seems to play more of a role in protein sensitivity than porosity. When I first found this site I also thought that my hair was between medium and coarse because I could see the individual strands. Then I started seeing that my hair didn't act like medium-coarse hair at all- for example, my hair couldn't get enough protein. I finally caved and got the hair analysis, which confirmed what I was starting to suspect- may hair is fine. I can still see the individual strands, and I even have some individual strands that are definitely closer to medium or coarse texture, but the majority of my hair is fine.
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I too thought my hair was coarse or medium-coarse at first. There was a thread on this recently (I forget what it's called), but many of us think our hair feels coarse when we first start out. For some, this is because the hair can feel a little coarse when it is very dry and needs moisture. And if your hair is getting weighed down by emollient rich products, I think that's another sign it probably isn't coarse.

I suggest you pull a few dry, productless hairs out to check. Take just a few from different areas (temple, nape, etc.) and really look at them. I thought my hair was coarse until I did this, and was like... wait a second, these are pretty fine. I can easily see them because I'm brunette, but they are thin width-wise. Make sure you are looking at a single strand and not a few next to each other.

Also, I know Kathymack is low porosity and her hair loves protein. She has said (and I believe her, because I looked into it a little too) that naturallycurly.com is the only place she has read about low porosity hair disliking protein.
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