On my phone so this will be short. Get a complete thyroid panel not just tsh. Even with the complete panel, thyroid probs dont always show up.
Check for anemia. Where are you at hormonely? Dr Sara Gottfried's book The Hormone Cure is really good!!! Explains so much! Our hormones (thyroid adrenal dhea estrodial etc etc) affect our entire lives. Unaddressed and we cant heal.
Possible sleep study (unrefreshing sleep can be the cause or contributing factor)
Vitamin deficiency test are not usually accurate using the standard blood test that drs swear by. B12- your blood can show things are normal but a more sensitive urine test shows a deficiency. Vit D and iron are reliable. The rest, not so much.
I would add magnesium right away. It's necessary for energy production, helps sleep, needed for vit d, stress, anti-inflammatory which allergies are, etc etc. it's good for almost everything! D-Ribose is excellent for energy! I use this daily. Fish oil is helpful too.
Eliminate as much caffeine, sugar, maybe gluten too as you can, do some yoga, listen to binaural beats and relaxation music (i use the sleep stream app) etc. Eat clean if you dont already (on my phone cant read everything)
Multi-vitamin- make it a good one not something like centrum. High doses of B vitamins and well balanced.

With the stress, you are burning thru magnesium like crazy and your adrenals are likely getting fatigued. Address those issues and you should see an improvement.

I totally sympathize. I rarely get more than 3 fragmented hours a day but I dont have to work. Thank God! Some days i'm too tired to even shower. Things have improved a lot but sleep is my big issue and constantly working on it.

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