I really struggle with my feelings about the death penalty. I hate the practice, but what has the murderer himself done (in the cases with which I'm most familiar)?
Does he deserve better than what he gave? I just don't know.

As for child rape, I can't wrap my mind around it enough to think through an appropriate punishment. Something hellish is all I can manage.
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claudine, get out of my head.

I didn't realize that I struggled internally with the concept of the death penalty, until the Timothy McVeigh execution happened. I had a very difficult time with it that day, as I watched the tv coverage of the execution. Does putting this criminal to death really avenge the injustice of his vile actions? Is it right for the justice system to kill in the name of justice? Should humans really make that decision?

That and the real possibility of innocence. The never ending process of appeals, that cost money to the taxpayer is a (secondary) concern as well.
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