the only explanation for what's going on with me is spring fever - because a fat, middle-aged woman shouldn't have FOUR prospects.

of course, two of them have issues around them; i am pretty sure that one of them is married - you know how you just get a feeling? and the other is 44 and lives near where i grew up in Toronto - almost 2 hours away.

the other two? i met one 3.5 years ago when he was newly divorced and WAY too fragile to be dating again. he was very sweet (as i said above - yes, it's the one who seems to a nutter) but we've kept in touch and now he wants to see me again (which is why i think he's a nutter, but that's a story for another time). the other i met 2.5 years ago, but he has since lost his job and has had to go out to western Canada for months at a stretch.

these two have recently confessed that i'm the person they think about and want in their lives.


both of these men are *really* good-looking, the kind of men who *never* go out with women who look like me.

i don't get it!
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