I did not change my name the first time I got married. I felt attached to my name, all my professional licenses are in it, etc. I am getting married again and it is really important to my future husband that I use his last name. In the meantime, I have grown less attached to my surname as it is my father's and he no longer speaks to me or reaches out to my children. I'm just more attached (for lack of a better word) to my future husband than I ever was to my ex husband or my father. A small part of me feels like I am selling out by changing my name though since I didn't do it the last time. Another part feels like this is an opportunity to symbolically cut myself loose from a fairly awful childhood. And a third part of me thinks I am overthinking and I should just do what feels right.

I think my mind is made up to go ahead and change it; I'm just wondering what people's thoughts are.
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I would listen to the 3rd part of you ... just go with what feels right (as non-committal and cheesy as that may sound) And hey, you could always hyphenate if you don't want to totally give it up.

And congrats on your impending nuptials!