I am a curly haired teen with 2c/3a hair that is past my shoulder blades.
My CO is currently the V05 kiwi lime. It's been working great.
I know V05 is also good for RO, but which one worked best for you guys? or what's another conditioner that provides a lot of slip, volume, and moisturizes
that I can find easily at walmart or any other drug store? I get tangley very easily (may take up to 10 minutes to detangle, sometimes still tangley when I get out of the shower!) I use my fingers.
same goes for LI. I've been using a variety but I need something that keeps my curls held, provides volume, and that I can easily find. I heard giovanni's DLI is a great one but I still have to find it.
also, do you guys use coconut oil by any chance? if so, when do yall apply it?