Today I managed to convince my Mom to let me style her hair properly. No mousse or gel but just a dab of SM Curl & Style Milk, a dab SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie, then plenty of FSG. Then I forced her to air dry and threatened that if she even dared try and throw her lovely waves up in a bun or touched them during the drying process I would physically harm her. (JK. Well. . . I was stern. Let us leave it at that.) Anyways it worked out and she liked the results so I took a picture. It's definitely wavier than it usually is. She's usually a 2A-2B with a straight underlayer but today it looked 2C at parts with a 2B/2Aish underlayer. By the way if anyone has any tips for me on how to make her underlayer more wavy do tell.
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