DH just set up the Sprint Family Locator on his phone. He promptly got a call from DD1 about it. Are you TRACKING ME? Um,yeah, you have a problem with that? I wonder if he'll keep it, for $5 a month.

Ah, now I get more of the story. He attempted to try it out on DD2 s phone, and it set the program up for all of us on the plan. Apparently, it's telling him that me and my phone are outside by the back gate. Close, I'm sitting on the sofa by the fireplace. DD2 is apparently standing on our neighbors' driveway. Also close, she's sitting in our kitchen. DD 1 better hope none of her friends live next to a bar...or anything.
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When enabled and working correctly, wireless GPS is pretty good. Our arial maps at work will pin the caller fairly close to where they actually are. They will show in the woods beside the house they are calling from, etc. It at least gets you in the general area.
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yeah, that's pretty much what we're seeing, too. The given locations were 20 to 30 feet from where each of us was. If he decides to use it, we'll know if the dds are where we think the are, heck, we'll know where each other is, too. No hiding that trip to the mall? Haha, the credit card history would tell the story, anyway.
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Yes it would.

With in 20 to 30 feet is excellent.

We can get some crazy coordinates at times. It depends on different factors. Some ping off of a cell tower in another county and your GPS reading is way off base as a result. It will give you the tower location as opposed to the caller. On occasion we have had wireless 911's ring in from different countries. The weather conditions have to be just right for it happen. Maps have their moments as well. They freeze up and have glitches before and after updates, but all and all it's incredibly handy technology. I don't rely on it, but it is nice to at least (hopefully) have a starting point when needed.

Or to find out who is shopping where! Lol
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