OKAY so i transitioned into being natural about a year ago, a month after I joined the navy and my hair was cut HORRIBLY (uneven....) my hair before then was already thinning and damaged from glue weaves, heat, and poorly cared for. Since then my hair has grown tremendously-flat ironed it reaches my baick about an inch past my shoulders. I however have not been ablt to find any1 that I trust to clip my hair or the "excess perm" ive been told i have at the ends ??? I started usithe talia wajiid products and i love it but this as well as everything else I use gives me the tired fro im forced to wear. nothing i do (as if i know what im doing) gives me an enlogated style and keeps my hair moistured long. My hair sucks up oils like a thirsty throat after a 10 mi run. my scalp is very dry as well. I have a natural sandy brown color that i feel only makes the situation worse fore when its dry its dry and its VERY noticeable. Im forced to wear a hate at work so my fro disposions often. Its getting out ouf regs and ooohhh how i wish i could do a twist out. I stopped getting a perm due to the thinning my hair was getting and the sores it produced in my scalp since i was a kid-these are just now leaving yayyy-. I have thought about putting a curly texturizer in my hair to hlep me manage the NAPPY mess on my head. Its not curly its koily with the right product its aLright but other wise its a shrunken fest of nap balls. I REALLY NEED HELP, TIPS, INSTRUCTIONS, PRODUCTS ( AFFORDABLE & NOT) --IM IN DURASTIC NEED OF HELP!!!
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