I'm in central CA and valley fever is a serious issue here. Untreated and you can die. How do you feel now? Normal?
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Other than the fact I'm currently recovering from the flu and a sinus infection, yep. It was a terrible 3 months, though, where I wasn't really sick - I was just incapable of functioning. It was the kind of lethargy often associated with depression except I wasn't depressed. I actually mentally checked in with myself "am I depressed and just don't realize it?" but realized that, nope, I was still normal on the emotional scale.

The VF test was inconclusive for me because there were some positives, but having grown up here that is normal - nothing showed up as it being an active problem. And yet, it's so poorly understood that it was possible the levels shown were enough to affect me, but not enough to go on the hard core meds.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

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