I didn't change my name either but I use both my maiden name and my husband's last name. Before we got married I had renewed all my ID and passports ect and I just thought it was a hassle to go through that again so I decided to wait until things started to expire to change my name. My husband doesn't mind at all he thinks its practical as well. You don't have to legally change your name to use your husband's last name, you can just use it which is what I plan to do instead of legally changing it.
I think it's really an individual choice since maiden names can hold different meanings and attachments to each person. There is always the option of hyphenation so you can use both. Personally I don't mind using my husbands name even though my maiden name holds religious ties and my husband is of a different religion. I like his name and how it sounds with mine so I think I'll continue to use both.

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