im really new to this fsg thing, i might try and go buy some seeds sometime but i need to clear some things up. right, so how long should you boil for, for the best results if you dont want too thick, or too thin? how many seeds do you put in and how much water? can you re use the seeds more than once, if so how many times? lastly, if you dont put oil in your fsg, how long will it last? please answer, thanks
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I follow the recipe in the first post in this thread:

On my stove, I only boil the seeds for 2.5 minutes and it comes out perfect. If I boil for any longer, it won't go through my strainer at all. I think my stove might be really, really hot though. The trick for me is to stop boiling once it starts to look like the consistency of egg whites. It hardens a little after it cools down.

I reused the seeds last week. I boiled 1/4 cup of seeds once, extracted the gel, and then put the seeds and another cup of water back in the same pot and did it again to make a double batch. I ended up with more than enough for one week of use. If you want to reuse the seeds on a different day, you have to freeze them to keep them from turning.

I don't put any preservatives in my gel. I about a week's worth at once and store it in the fridge. I only take it out to put it in my hair in the morning.

You can experiment to see whether you like it thick or thin. I think it is a matter of preference.
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