I have mostly 2B/C hair that enjoys corkscrewing from time to time, but near the top of my head is mostly just weirdly wavy. Had bangs for ages because I've got a massive forehead. On the best days, they waved in the right way to look not bad (like of pointing off towards my head and not weird) but for the most part, on days when I couldn't continually brush them to straight or use heat or hope for the best, they mostly ended up just looking crummy. Even straight across, I could never get them "full" enough to look decent, and the only way to make them straight was heat!

Now they've grown out and are like 3/4 of the length of my (pretty short) hair, and they're much better. I can kind of style them as if they were side bangs because of their natural wave, but can also pin them back if they're being annoying, and because they're not super short they don't curl weirdly.

If you really want them, check out the way the shortest pieces of your hair look and anyways, it'll grow back, so it's always worth a try.

Good luck!