Oh dear. As a parent and as a teacher who works with kids you age all the time - I'm appalled as well. That is verbally and emotionally abusive.

Let's assume for a second they are right, and your hair looks bad. So what? It's YOUR hair, you are 17 not 7, and if you like it and want to wear it that way then you should be able to. And without ridicule - ESPECIALLY from your own family!!!

Sadly this is not the first time a teen has come on here to ask for support when their family was abusive or at least insensitive and rude.

Hang in there. And a bit of advice - if you stay calm and factual (and did I mention calm??) with your parents, no matter how unreasonable they are being, and stand your ground while staying calm, you may find you get a lot further with them. That type of mature, focused, determined, but polite response can be unnerving to them! Lol! They don't expect rational arguments delivered in rational ways from a teenage girl!

Good luck!! We support you!

PS - for YEARS my mom hated my red hair, and would make rude comments. She finally got over it (or at least doesn't speak of it anymore). Hopefully you'll have the same result, but much more quickly!
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