Ok so I had been growing out my natural hair color "gray" last color was April 2012. I wanted a change and I'd had enough of the two tone hair color, so I chopped it off. Went from shoulder length to short style.

So now I have no more waves but instead I have flippy ends. Not exactly loving the new cut, but IT WILL GROW

I'd been having a probelm with a dry scalp (not dandruff, just dry) before cutting it but now it's worse. I'm trying to figure out how to style it without using heat (dryer) as I know that isn't helping the dryness.

Did a search and was reading previous posts about dry scalp and came across something that said with co-washing you should keep the conditioner off your scalp - how the heck would I do that if my hair is only 3 inches long

Any advise or suggestion on how to deal with a dry scalp and or products that will help with styling that doesn't require blow drying - I would be forever greatful. Thanks
2b fine texture, normal porosity/elasticity

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