Child Rapist don't rehabilitate. It's a fact. Put them in prison and leave them there. I don't care if the get educations and watch cable all day Just please stop letting them out of prison.
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I think that child molesters are sick. And I think our care/protection of children is more important than their right to freedom. I hope someday psychology advances to a point where they could rehabilitate, but I don't believe in it now. Part of my problem with set sentences is that it means you're releasing someone who may still be a danger. I believe in rehabilitation any time it's possible, and think you should never release someone who is still a threat to those around him/her even if it's due to mental illness, especially for threats to children.
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Here in CA, we just passed prison realignment. We have paroled hundreds of pedophiles with ankle bracelets yet downsized the parole department. Pedophiles are cutting off their anklets in masses and there's nothing we can do until they re-offend. So another child need to lose their innocence before we can lock him back up.
Crime rates have gone up due to the inmates released. It's a wreck.

I've never understood releasing someone when we know they're a danger just because their sentence is up... but it happens every day. I also don't understand how someone spends 20+ years in a level 4 prison then they're free the next day to run their own lives. It's a recipe for disaster.