Last night I:

1) Co-washed
2) Leave-in co
3) Marc Anthony curl creme and Curly Sexy Hair gel
4) Plopped
5) Soft bonnet dryer for 20 min (awesome! no frizz)
6) Sleep bonnet

Waves are still stringy; I will have to experiment with a Denman and the sloshing technique..
Totally new noob...I have no idea what I'm doing!

Type: 2c, medium porosity, low/med density, medium width, APL+, colour treated
Goal: To lose the flat iron and embrace my waves for the first time ever!

Clarifying poo: Live Clean ACV
Co: L'Oreal Cleansing Conditioner, GF Pure Clean, Redken Curvaceous Leave in Co
Products: Curly Sexy Hair Foam Curl Enhancer and Liquid Curl Gel, Pantene Curl Defining Scrunching Mousse