My husband is from Canada and there are few "African Americans" there. He says dark skinned people are "Canadians" or "black".
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Interesting. So does "black" for him mean anyone of any ethnicity who has dark skin?

Seems to me that people of African descent who are American citizens are often just called "Americans" (not African-Americans) by people in most non-US territories, with one notable exception being Africa.

I think what is considered "American" these days (nationality) is very much shaped by who is depicted most in American media, and most of the time those people are either "black" or "white" (or some admixture). That can marginalize the people who our media tends to leave out, like Latinos, Asians and Arabs IMO. Because even when those folks have American accents and mannerisms, etc., people often assume they are foreigners (including other Americans).

My husband constantly gets asked, "Where are you from?" even though he speaks perfect English and is culturally no different than your average homegrown American. He gets that question even AFTER he has started speaking. (He's Eurasian.)

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