LOL....I saw that youtube where that woman was talking about how when she saw that stuff molded she went an exfoliated her scalp and bust out laughing. Not at the situation, but the realness of how she said it, then I saw that pic my scalp was itchin too. I mean myyyyy gawd!

It's the mold thing that's the most worrisome, then the lady's OIL was growing white specks. Now THAT's crazy because it's an OIL, the only way it would do that is if DURING production it was exposed to water. I mean then the hard core showing off, that just threw me when she posted that pic of her orders on Paypal and they names werent completely blurred! Then the teenage-esque cell phone pics and excuses of "our tech team explained why I wasnt getting your messages" "I was sick" "my assistants blah blah" I mean....I would NEVER tell someone how to run their biz, but that was enough to put me off from buying. I've never seen any other owner of a hair care line show off like that.

That's VERY wrong about the mold thing though. She should have refunded the ladies money...AND shipping for that. I know she didn't pay to have mold shipped to her! smh