I think our whole justice system is jacked up. The last thing it needs to be doing is given death sentences until it is fix. jutice is not blind and the privilage few constantly gets away with murder while those at the bottom of the barrel can face life in prison for being a drug addict.

if drug addiction is an illness, and some say lusting after children is an illness, how is it fair that someone like that who is harming innocent lives gets a slap on a risk, when a drug addict can get life??

why is it a child could commit a crime, but have no hope for a future, but some one who rapes little children needs rehabilitation?

I cant speak of anything countries justice system excpet for the one i know, have had to deal with with, and hear about constantly. America's system is beyond flawed, and the last thing it shoud be doing is deciding people's fates. I'm so tired of hearing about innocent people spending their whole lives locked up. but criminals beign let free. if this man was not allowed to go free so easily after them finding all that child porn, that lady would be alive and her daughter's innocence still intact.